Conveyor Systems
Excel Process Systems

Elevating Conveyor Solutions for Streamlined Operations

At Excel, we are the experts when it comes to conveyor systems, offering a comprehensive range of solutions that go beyond the ordinary. Our dedicated engineering team handles everything from concept to realisation, whether it’s replacing individual components or creating complete conveyor systems and custom handling equipment tailored to your unique requirements.

Versatile Conveyor Systems

Excel’s engineering team cover the design, fabrication and installation of anything from replacement items to complete conveyor systems and bespoke handling equipment, including (but not limited to):

  • Slat and Modular Belt Conveyor Systems

    These versatile systems are designed for precision handling and transportation of various goods, ensuring seamless movement along the production line.

  • Flat and Wire Belt Conveyor Systems

    Our flat and wire belt conveyors are engineered for efficient material transport, suitable for a diverse range of industries and applications.

  • Gravity and Power-Roller Conveyor Systems

    We offer solutions that cater to both manual and automated material handling, providing options for optimising your workflow.

  • Elevators and Lowerators

    Excel's elevators and lowerators are engineered for efficient vertical transport, facilitating the smooth flow of goods between different levels of your facility.

  • Accumulation Tables

    Our accumulation tables enhance production efficiency by temporarily storing products, allowing for smooth downstream processing.

  • Automated Stacking Equipment

    We provide cutting-edge automated stacking solutions that optimise stacking precision and speed, reducing manual labour and improving output.

  • Pick and Place Equipment

    Our pick and place systems are designed for seamless material handling, whether for packaging, assembly, or sorting tasks.

  • Soft Reject Units

    Excel's soft reject units are integral in quality control processes, enabling the gentle removal of defective items from the production line without disrupting operations.

Full-Service Expertise

Our commitment to delivering top-tier conveyor solutions extends to providing a full suite of services:

  • Design

    We tailor our designs to meet your specific needs, ensuring optimal functionality and integration within your existing setup.

  • Fabrication

    Excel's state-of-the-art manufacturing processes guarantee the highest quality and precision in the fabrication of conveyor components and systems.

  • Installation

    Our experienced team manages the installation process, ensuring that your conveyor systems are seamlessly integrated into your facility.

Excellence in Conveyor Systems

At Excel, we take pride in exceeding industry standards. Our conveyor systems are designed and built to meet the rigorous requirements of various industries. We focus on enhancing productivity, efficiency, and safety, ultimately contributing to the success of your operations. Excel stands as your trusted partner in the world of conveyor systems, offering tailored solutions that elevate your production capabilities and streamline your workflow.

Tailored Engineering

We ensure that we provide a service that is tailored to our individual clients’ needs.

Expertise In All Areas

When it comes to process engineering, we know our stuff! We endeavour to find the most practical and economical solution.

A One-Stop Solution

We assure control over every part of a project from initial design through to manufacture and installation.